Sucre à la crème – Sugar Fudge

Sucre à la crème - Cora's Copycat Sugar Fudge |

This one goes out to my fellow Canadians — Sucre à la crème! Yum! This Quebecois treat is not exactly fudge, it’s kind of more grainy and fragile than fudge, but it’s definitely all kinds of delicious. If any of you have been to Cora’s before, the complimentary fudge they give you at the cash is sucre à la crème. I had this for the first time when I was in first year. Chris’ roommate, Vince is francophone and he taught me a bunch of different types of Quebecois food. Among delicious confections like brown sugar croissants and pancakes, one confection was sucre à la crème and boy oh boy, let’s just say sugar and creme are the culprits of my freshman 15.

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