Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup


I don't know what it is, but when it comes to following trends or making changes to my life, I never do it when other people are doing the same. New Year's resolutions? Pah. I either already started in December or I've waited for the New Year's failures to leave around March and make room for me at the gym. For some reason, I always see the short month of February a chance for me start fresh. Maybe it's because it coincides with the Lunar New Year and I always see that as the beginning of the year instead of January. Take that, Julian calendar. Old time moon ways are the way for me. My … [Read more...]

Vegan Leek and Potato Soup


Nothing like the dead of winter in both Toronto and Ottawa reminds me that my body was not meant to live in Canada. The cold, dry air sucks out any and all moisture from my body and I become perma-uncomfortable. The cold seeps into my bones, the lack of daylight renders me grouchy and tired, and all I want is the promise of summer fruits and vegetables, bountiful and fresh. I'm reminded of when I was in Vietnam—the humidity was so dense it felt like I was swimming. The sun beat down on Saigon, swirling the exhaust from trucks and motorbikes, and I had to choose between feeling the wind … [Read more...]

California Cling Peach Hand Pies


This post is sponsored by California Cling Peaches, which is actually where Canada gets most of their canned peaches! Thank you for reading and supporting my corner of the internet =) I'm a sucker for anything peach-filled and anything wrapped in flaky pastry. It's actually a little sad how much I love eating these things. The other day, I visited my favourite doughnut bakery, Through Being Cool, and they had these fantastic peach-filled doughnuts that were dusted with powdered sugar. Their fluffy, doughy doughnuts are absolutely phenomenal, and when stuffed with a golden peach … [Read more...]

Grapefruit Sorbet

Grapefruit Sorbet by The Viet Vegan

If I had to choose between creamy vanilla ice cream or a sweet and tart sorbet, I almost always choose the sorbet. I guess when you're vegan, the sorbet is often more available to you anyway. That doesn't mean I don't love a good soy chocolate ice cream every now and then, but I just find the fresh flavour of real fruits more satisfying on the palate. The best way to get the most fresh tasting flavour is to use freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. There's alcohol in this recipe but that's just what I used to lubricate the ice crystals so they don't form jagged, unappetizing chunks that would … [Read more...]

Vegan Black Bean Brownies


There are only a select few of my friends who feel the same way about food as I do. There's something lusciously enticing about a drizzle of chocolate or the intoxicating smell of baked goods in my kitchen. I understand people who don't empathize with my obsession with measuring spoons and cups, but what I don't get is people who have no passion whatsoever for the food they eat. But food bloggers? Food bloggers get me, man. Sometimes we can get a little carried away with the food styling and excessive ingredients, but we just want to share how much we love food. I dream of textures, … [Read more...]

Extra Thick and Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake

Extra Thick and Creamy Peanut Butter Milkshake

I'm not sure how many of you noticed, but I haven't been posting for a couple weeks because I was busy wrangling high schoolers and spamming fellow Vietnamese community members' email boxes because the thing about Vietnamese people is that you have to ask them to do something several times before they do it. That is, unless you're a man and/or a highly respected elder. LOL PATRIARCHY. It's fantastic. But besides the point. I've been preoccupied and my whole body is not in the zone. I was staying up until 3 am every night, waking up around 9, getting so stressed out that I couldn't sleep, … [Read more...]

Lemongrass Tofu Fresh Spring Rolls


Taking a bite of lemongrass tofu fresh spring rolls is like home rolled up in a chewy rice wrapper. Sometimes I feel like I'm being tugged between so many different places that I don't know where home is anymore. Where my parents' live is where I grew up, where I called home while travelling the world, and where love first found me. In Ottawa, I learned what the world is like without boundaries. My roots began to burrow, and I fell out and then back in love again. Toronto is where I really learned about who I was, who I wanted to be, and who loved me for who I am. I'm at a crossroads, … [Read more...]