Lemongrass Tofu Fresh Spring Rolls


Taking a bite of lemongrass tofu fresh spring rolls is like home rolled up in a chewy rice wrapper. Sometimes I feel like I'm being tugged between so many different places that I don't know where home is anymore. Where my parents' live is where I grew up, where I called home while travelling the world, and where love first found me. In Ottawa, I learned what the world is like without boundaries. My roots began to burrow, and I fell out and then back in love again. Toronto is where I really learned about who I was, who I wanted to be, and who loved me for who I am. I'm at a crossroads, … [Read more...]

Lemongrass Tofu


Lemongrass tofu is one of my favourite ways to enjoy tofu. My mom will make this dish anytime I come home to visit with some frozen tofu she's had in the fridge since my family isn't vegan and she knows I love that this is a vegan lemongrass tofu dish. It's super easy to make, quick to serve, and can be eaten on fresh spring rolls, over rice, or rice noodles.  I've always considered myself as a chameleon. I've moved from place to place, switching between juxtaposing positions easily, morphing myself into a vibrant, outgoing individual, to a more muted, conservative member of a group when … [Read more...]

Homemade Vegan Vietnamese Pho


As The Viet Vegan, I feel like homemade vegan Vietnamese pho is an obligatory recipe on here. So here it is. If it weren't for the fact that I've now branded myself as The Viet Vegan, almost nobody would know I was Vietnamese (in real life, anyway). I've had people ask me if I was Chinese, Korean, Laotian, heck, one of my friends thought I was Tibetan. I don't even know what a Tibetan person looks like, although my friend firmly insists that they look like me. My own people don't even recognize that I'm Vietnamese! In Vietnam, I'm this pale, white whale of an Asian and people will often … [Read more...]

Best of 2014

Want a candy-like snack that's totally healthy? Try these baked apple chips. Super easy to make! | Je suis alimentageuse | #sponsored #vegan #glutenfree #apples #healthy

Well, 2014 has been a very interesting year. I learned a lot about myself, my limits, and I think it's safe to say that I went through my quarter life crisis a year early. I think I came out on top, my blog took a bit of a dip in posting frequency, but I think it was for the best. But it's been fun looking back on my year and seeing the best of 2014 on my blog. You guys were really into my red velvet cupcakes last year so I applied my beet-swapping in the cookies. Super delicious cookies, and they were #10 of my best posts of 2014. Thanks to everyone who joined me this year, I hope next … [Read more...]

Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins


Sometimes I think that we as bloggers are like characterizations of our idealized selves. We choose what we share, and we hide the demons from the view of our shiny smartphone and Macbook displays. I try to keep it fairly real on here because I use this blog less like a news broadcast of all things exciting and lovely in my life and more of a documentary of what I'm going through. Self-esteem issues, mental health issues, soul-searching. I'm on a journey, and I'm choosing to share it with you.     That's not to say that I've chosen to share every little detail of my life with you. I mean, … [Read more...]

Waffle Smashed Potatoes


It's Christmas Eve and I'm in that awkward place where I want to celebrate Christmas but at the same time I don't. I'm not Christian, but it's still a pretty prevalent holiday in Canada, whether you're Christian or not. I wish my family had big traditions around the holidays that would make this time of year feel more special. Christmas to my family is a time where the kids get presents, and we go to my grandma's house and watch Vietnamese music DVDs and eat food. It's nothing really that exciting unless my aunt and cousin from Pennsylvania comes to visit, and then it's crazy. My aunt is so … [Read more...]

Vegan Mushroom Noodle Soup


As a food blogger, it's plainly clear that I have a love affair with food. I simply adore food. I have spent years of my life researching recipes, reading about techniques, trying new flavours, and I get irrationally excited when I meet other people whom are just as excited about food as I am. I love "talking shop" about baking chemistry, different cooking methods, and the wonderment of experiencing different flavour profiles and textures from various cultures and cuisines. I could talk about food for hours. But you know what I don't get? People who don't like food at all. People who … [Read more...]