Vegan Mushroom Noodle Soup


As a food blogger, it's plainly clear that I have a love affair with food. I simply adore food. I have spent years of my life researching recipes, reading about techniques, trying new flavours, and I get irrationally excited when I meet other people whom are just as excited about food as I am. I love "talking shop" about baking chemistry, different cooking methods, and the wonderment of experiencing different flavour profiles and textures from various cultures and cuisines. I could talk about food for hours. But you know what I don't get? People who don't like food at all. People who … [Read more...]

Grilled Tofu Soba Noodle Bowl with Greens


I think it's funny when people think that it's only vegans and vegetarians who eat tofu. I've grown up eating tofu so many different ways: pan-fried with lemongrass, fried and juicy in a sour tamarind soup, soft and silky in a savory tomato broth soup, and silken in dessert form with a ginger syrup. My love for tofu is infinite, especially in grilled form. It's simply pressed, marinated, and grilled to adorn a bowl of soba noodles and blanched spinach and peas. You can add your own greens, your own veggies, and heck, you can even use a different dressing, but for the recipe, you'll have to … [Read more...]

Vegan Subway Copycat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


I'm bringing back Vegan Subway Copycat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from my high school and university years. Because they're awesome. I love buying presents for people. I'm pretty darn good at it. I usually know what people like, what they could use, what they really want. But this year I have no idea what's happening. I'VE LOST MY MOJO. My gift-giving talent is now a sad, mediocre-giving mill that cranks out okay presents. Now when people come to me for gift ideas I'm speechless. I've got nothing. My roommate and my other friend have told me that they have these AMAZING … [Read more...]

Superfood Dark Chocolate Truffles

Superfood Dark Chocolate Truffles

Indulge a little, these are superfood dark chocolate truffles, my friend. The response to my last post has been overwhelming. I didn't expect that many emails or messages or comments. I cannot say thank you enough to those who've reached out to me, and it's means a lot. It's like a weight lifted, knowing that what I'm feeling isn't just me. Not that I'm happy other people feel the same way, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but it's comforting to know I'm not alone. The first thing I've learned from sharing this is that not everyone gets it. My mom reacted exactly the way I expected her … [Read more...]

Soba Noodle Bowl with Miso Tahini Sauce


Make this soba noodle bowl with miso tahini sauce when you're hungry but only have about 20 minutes to make dinner. Sometimes I treat this blog more like a diary than a food blog, but I think that's just how I cope. I've always written out my feelings, and that's what I'm going to do today. Maybe it's a combination of the dreary weather, the excessive hours I spend alone working, my damaged self-esteem because of my recent aggravated skin problems, or just my mental health in general, but the past year or so I've had troubles even wanting to get out of bed. Maybe it's depression, … [Read more...]

Vegan Chickpea Omelette with Spinach


Today vegan chickpea omelette with spinach is accompanied with a discussion about breakfast and veganism. Because why the heck not? I've been dubbed as a morning person, but since I was in university, I used to stay up until 2 or 3 almost every day when I worked and volunteered at my university's walk home service. Much to Chris's chagrin, as soon as I wake up, I become a ball of energy that's ready to take on the day. Poor ol' Christopher just wants to sleep in, but 10/11 am is as late as I can sleep. Any later and I feel off-kilter. Despite my morning-person affinities, I don't … [Read more...]

Experiments with a Homemade Vegan Latte


This homemade vegan latte recipe is what I use, but I'm just going to be real here and let you guys know that I'm not a coffee/espresso expert. I've made espresso a handful of times, and they all turned out well so that's why I'm writing about it. I only recently started to drink coffee more regularly because for some reason, my energy levels are starting to wane (I'm getting lots of sleep, I don't know what the problem is) and in order to stay awake past 4 pm, I've noticed I needed a little Starbucks pick me up. I'm a sucker for espresso-based drinks and I've spent far too much money on … [Read more...]