Raw Beet Salad with Lime Ginger Dressing

Raw Beet Salad with Lime Ginger Dressing - Produce Made Simple

Life is getting the better of me and I'm struggling to find a routine that allows me to blog and work and have a social life at the same time. I'm still adjusting, but it's going to work. In the meantime, I developed this raw beet salad for Produce Made Simple this week, so you guys should go check that out! I love beets, and this recipe showcases their wonderfully sweet flavour with some ginger lime dressing. I've been slowly cooking more now that I'm home, but it's been the same stuff that I always make when I need comfort food. Kale soup, spaghetti squash with vegetarian "meat" sauce, … [Read more...]

Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet Cookbook Launch

Spiced Lentil Stew

Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet is the second cookbook I've been lucky to have been a part of. It's a great initiative for raising money for the Second Harvest Food Bank in Central Florida. I know that's not exactly Canada, but I do Trick or Eat every year, I volunteer for The Stop Community Food Centre, and I used to volunteer at the food bank at uOttawa. Needless to say, I am very passionate about food security and ensuring that everyone has access to nutritious food. We live in a world where we export the majority of our lentils (Canada's top producing export) when people should learn … [Read more...]

The Essential Gluten-Free Cookie Guide Cookbook Launch

The Essential Gluten-Free Cookie Guide

So I'm back from band camp! Hurrah! But I'm super swamped trying to play catch-up from work after coming to Ottawa to visit Chris. However, I was super lucky to have contributed to not just one, but two cookbooks this year! Both launched this weekend too, so yes! No recipe up for the next couple posts but hey, cookbook giveaways huzzah. Some of you have tried the black bean brownies that I posted last year, but since they're not vegan, I veganized them in this cookbook for one of my blog friends, Brianna from Flippin' Delicious. She has amazing GF recipes that are easy, innovative, and … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Vegan Mushroom Soup

Guest Post by Produce on Parade - Vegan Mushroom Soup

Hello, darling Je suis alimentageuse readers! I bet you’re super bummed out that Lisa’s not around to visit with you. It’s okay, I’m sad too. You know what though? I’ll keep you company for today, if you like. You’re probably like, “Okay, that sounds good, I guess.” Great! You also might be wondering who this strange person is. I’m Katie from the Alaskan vegan food/lifestyle Produce On Parade. My connection to Lisa is that we are neighbors (Canada and Alaska, heyyyyyy), also Lisa is my blogging BFF. We are like blogging, vegan-feminist, girly soul mates. Let’s just say in my blog will, … [Read more...]

Wild Blueberry Mojitos #BoozeWeek


  I'M AT BAND CAMP!   But here's a recipe for blueberry mojitos that I did for Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic before I left for camp. I made these when I really didn't have time, so it's super easy and delicious, I promise. I may or may not have shared these at 9 pm on the corner of King and University with my cousin who was visiting from BC (I'll get into this more but basically I forgot how alike we are and how we grew up together so he's basically the reason I am so nerdy about Pokémon, board games, and just general RPGs). Whoooooo drinking out of tumblers in public and … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Zucchini Bites with Dill Dipping Sauce


I'M AT BAND CAMP! So I had my friend Sandra from Vegan Mother Hubbard take over for the week, please leave comments and tell her how awesome she is. Because she's awesome.   Hello! I'm Sandra and I write Vegan Mother Hubbard. I'm happy to be here on Je suis alimentageuse today. Thanks for letting me take over your space today, Lisa! I have a recipe for delicious, vegan Zucchini Bites with Dill Dipping Sauce. For more of my recipes, check out my recipe index. Last Saturday I was zucchini-ed. August in Wisconsin means abundant zucchini in the garden, and friends who are always looking to … [Read more...]

White Wine Sangria

White Wine Sangria with LOTS of fruit! | Je suis alimentageuse

White wine sangria, because that's how you turn less than perfect wine into deliciousness. So funny story: I initially made this the day before my birthday and I was super jazzed about working all day, celebrating that night with a couple glasses with a ton of boozy fruit (my favourite), and then going to camp the next day bright and early in the morning. I was so excited all week, so when Friday came along, I finally made the sangria and finished taking the photos. And then as I was putting it away in the fridge to chill and set, I dropped the entire jug all over the … [Read more...]